Building Restorations

We serve contractors, building managers, and others who desire pristine, well-maintained buildings.Our goal is to perform a service that results in personal satisfaction with our work and our technicians.



Wood, P-lam, Hollow Metal, and Aluminum

Scratches, dents, miss-drilled holes, hinge mortise errors.


Scratches and miss-drilled holes and small natural discolorations in the grain patterns.


Door and Window Frames

Dents, scratches, discolorations, even holes as large as 3-4”, short door frames or gaps in joints.


We can handle minor repairs and paint matching on small areas. This technique can be implemented on almost any color and especially most wood grains patterns.


Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, and Brick

We are able to repair chips, holes and cracks in various types of stone.


Fiberglass and Porcelain

We are able to repair chips, stains and holes in most popular brands.


Porcelain and Ceramic

If a tile is an obsolete color or a different color batch, we are able to match these colors and repair and refinish the tile.

If you have doubt whether it is repairable, please contact us before replacing any item.

Before & After

When viewing the before and after pictures, please be aware that some of these photos were sent to us by the contractor and the lighting and position of the subject may drastically affect the color appearance in the photo.

Click and hold the center button in each photo and drag to the left or right to view the before and after.





Our Staff

Our Staff

Our technicians take pride in the fine detail of the restoration process.

Byron Massey, Technician

Ron Leatherman, President

Dylon Baker, Technician

Mike Leatherman, Technician

Ian Simon, Technician

Anthony Massey, Dallas Area Technician

Call us at (512) 799-7871

Requesting Our Services

  1. Presently our minimum rate is $195.00 for the first hour. Any items repaired after the first hour will be billed per item. Weekends and after hours incur an additional charge of 25%.
  3. Any attempts to repair an area prior to requesting our services could result in making the repairs more difficult and thus more costly.

  4. When an estimate is requested, our technicians will quote a price after inspecting the damaged areas and can implement the repairs AT THE TIME THE ESTIMATE IS GIVEN in order to avoid any unnecessary trips. Once these repairs are in progress, any further damages of a significant nature brought to our attention may require an additional trip to be invoiced separately.

  5. For larger jobs of more than one floor level, we require a punch list to be provided to our technicians  indicating the identity and location of each damaged item. Otherwise, the items must be tagged before our arrival.
  7. After the completion of any repair job, we will not invoice any company other than the one who requested our services. Any other company causing damages must contact us directly and will be billed separately.
  9. We guarantee your satisfaction of all our repairs.